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Split screen with powerpoint presentation on cardio oncology on left, man in black suit with glasses on right.
$1.1 million Department of Defense grant supports Augusta University research linking prostate cancer and cardiovascular diseases
The Department of Defense has awarded Avirup Guha, MBBS, with a $1.1 million budget over the course of four years for his study. 
Woman in black jacket stands in clinic room holding dopplar machine
Connections between peripheral artery disease, negative social determinants of health like poverty may lead to earlier diagnosis, intervention in at-risk Blacks
Physicians want to further explore the relationship between the two conditions to identify social determinants of health that may be a factor in nearly doubling the rates of PAD in Blacks.
Three women stand in white coats with lab in background.
When chronic stress activates these neurons, behavioral problems like loss of pleasure, depression result
Scientists have evidence these POMC neurons become hyperactive after chronic exposure to stress, leading to things like depression. When their activity is reduced, so are behaviors that lead to these problems.